How to Obtain a Company Seal for a Corporation

    23 May

    How to Obtain a Company Seal for a Corporation

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    Most people have probably wondered about where corporations get those circular metallic seals, which they affix on documents to make them official. These metallic circular stamps are company seals that add authenticity and authority to corporate documents. Seals can be made from different materials to leave different impressions, depending on the requirements of every individual company. Older seals were made of wax, while newer seals leave an embossed impression on corporate papers. Newer seals generally don’t use any ink. Company seals are meant to contain the whole name of the company with their contact information. Traditionally, the seals were heavy and big, but in recent times, smaller seals have been developed with better technology. However, the prominence of the company seal has weakened over time, since most people accept signatures from high-level officials for authoritative purposes.But company seals continue to remain fundamental to many corporations, especially in cases where signing authorities are absent or have other responsibilities. A company seal acts like the signature of the company, making its presence important even today. A company is legally considered as an artificial juridical person. Companies can enter into agreements or legal transactions by using their official signature, which happens to be the company seal.

    How To Obtain a Company Seal?
    As corporations are state institutions, they first require to be registered with the state they operate in. Registering with a state secretary should do just fine. Companies should then find a suitable company seal from a seal maker or office supply store. Company Stamp Singapore is a specialised company seal maker in Singapore that can help businesses and corporations choose their seal. Although a company files their own paperwork regarding their corporation with the state, they will not be provided with a company seal, since the seal is not a mandatory part of constituting a corporation.

    How To Affix a Seal on a Document?

    Affixing a seal on a document is an extremely simple process, since they operate in a way that’s similar to a stapler. Typically, a red sticker is placed on the document so that the seal can be affixed on it. This is not mandatory, but it ensures that the seal is properly visible in photocopies or scans of the document.

    The company seal can be used on share certificates, loan documents, share transfer forms of other companies and important legal agreements. A board resolution has to be passed by most companies to authorise the affixation of a company seal before the seal can affix any document.

    Companies will now have to design their seals. The seal should typically contain the entire company name and the contact information, preferably the phone number. Corporation symbol can be included on the seal.

    Companies then have to choose a type of embosser. The retailer will offer a choice in designs. Companies should choose the design that is most suitable in terms of style, aesthetics, and build quality.


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