How To: Effectively Enhance Your Company Name Card Through Shape Elements

15 May

How To: Effectively Enhance Your Company Name Card Through Shape Elements

Improve and design your own business cards to best reflect your corporation today! Take an objective look at your current company name card- do you have all the information you wish to display on the name card? Is it visually appealing? Does it draw focus to it’s essential details? What additional measures can you use to give it an added layer of depth? A good recommendation for name card design would be to make use of shape elements as a start. Here’s what you have to know about shape elements and how you can use it to your advantage:

Shape elements can be classified into three basic groups- Organic, Abstract and Geometric. There are certain shapes that could be the result of combining two or more from each different basic groups, but if you are designing your own company name card, it would be highly recommended to first identify the shapes that are ill fitting for your branding or clashes with your logo.

Organic shape elements are true to it’s name- natural, sometimes uneven and calming since they are often associated with shapes found in nature. For example, leaves, flowers, curves and other similar appearances. One noticeable trait organic shape elements own would be the distinct lack of 15immediately obvious symmetry since they are not intentionally structured. The use of organic shape elements when you design your own company name card can highlight your corporation’s spontaneity, though it does better for logo design compared to background design since too many organic shapes can ‘clutter’ the name card

Abstract shape elements are formed by including the use of other design elements like glyphs, figures and the like. These shape elements are usually designed with planning and intent- for example, the wheelchair symbol and traffic signs. Abstract shape elements often carry a graphical image that can be interpreted and understood quickly by viewers. When applying abstract shape elements to your company name card, be objective and decide if the shape elements can carry a message of it’s own.

Geometric shape elements are perhaps one of the most popular shape elements commonly used by designers today. Minimalistic in it’s base form, structured, organised and efficient, geometric elements are favoured by the professional. These shapes are usually comprised of basic elements like arrows, pointers, circles, squares and can be combined with other shape elements to create unique layers to their company name card. Geometric shape elements work best when combined with other design elements like colours, negative space and fonts.

Another factor to take note is that on it’s own, certain shapes or patterns can carry personality and meaning as well. Circles tend to be used in professional settings like company logos or name card design since it highlights a sense of completeness. Circles are also an effective way of ‘highlighting’ information since it essentially works as a visual aid. Rectangles and squares can communicate steadiness, responsibility, professionalism and security. However, some drawbacks of sticking with rectangles or squares would be that they are rigid and sometimes uncompromising.

What kind of shape elements can bring out the best in your company name card? Try combining shapes from the groups today and see what you can come up with!


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