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Home Office Scheme in Singapore

22 Jun

Home Office Scheme in Singapore

The Home Office Scheme is a scheme which allows a company’s registered address to be their HDB address. Through this scheme, home-owners can conduct their business at home as long as they satisfy all the given criteria and guidelines which is subjected to URA’s approval. Implementation of this scheme should not bring about disturbance or inconvenience to the neighbourhood.

Please note that the approval is subject to the following:
a) general Terms & Conditions stipulated under the Home Office Scheme;
b) terms of the lease/tenancy agreement with HDB;
c) registration of your business/company with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA);
d) HDB’s right to revoke approval granted under the Scheme if you breach any of the terms of the Scheme and lease/tenancy agreement, and the provision of the Housing & Development Act (Cap 129) or for any reason whatsoever.
After five years, you will need to renew your application.


  • The conductor of the business must be the flat owner or any other authorised person approved by HDB and must continue to use the flat as his place of residence.
  • In addition to the business use, it must also be used for residential uses and the business activities should be confined within the premises.
  • The business has to be registered with ACRA, unless it has been exempted from registration under the Business Registration Act.
  • The HDB flat cannot be used as a home office or a registered office for a society.
  • The business must not
    • generate extraneous noise, smoke, odour, liquid waste or dust that could become a nuisance.
    • be illegal or unlawful.
    • have any bad and immoral influences.
    • introduce excessive human or vehicular traffic to the surrounding neighbourhood.
    • adversely affect the character, ambience and environment of the residential estate.
  • Any solicitation of business that may cause disturbance to the residents or public are disallowed, i.e. distribution of brochures, flyers or door-to-door visits.
  • No selling of physical goods.
  • No display of advertisements or posters.
  • All necessary safety precautions must be taken to ensure that the business activities do not pose any danger.
  • Electricity and structural load must not surpass the normal (residential) load.
  • Storage and use of hazardous substances are strictly prohibited.
  • The business must fulfil the fire safety requirements imposed by the Fire Safety and Shelter Department. Which are:
    • To install one 1 x 2kg ABC Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher.
    • To install one single-station smoke detector. (For enquiry on the fire safety requirements, please email
  • The regulations of other government authorities and licences/approvals must be obtained before business can commence. To search for the licences/approvals, please visit


    • The premises to be used primarily for residential purposes with part or parts of the premises being used by the occupants as an office.
    • The number of non-residents (such as employees, partners and directors) engaged in the business is limited to a maximum of 2.
    • Owners must ensure that the activities of their business do not cause any disturbance to the neighbours or the residential neighbourhood.
    • The businesses must satisfy the performance criteria.
    • The business must be listed in the permitted business section under the Home Office scheme.
    • Display of business signage outside the residential premises is not allowed.
    • The use may be terminated if the business results in complaints from neighbouring residents.
    • There will not be any increase in the floor area of the building even if there is a change in use of the relevant premises.
    • No part of the relevant premises comprises of works that are unauthorised under the Planning Act.
    • Any approval required from the relevant authority for the change in use of the relevant premises has to be obtained before making the changes in use of the relevant premises.
    • Where the person lodging the registration form is not the owner of the relevant premises, a written consent from the owner of the premises has been obtained before the lodgement of the registration form.
    • When the HO use ceases or if the HO permit is revoked due to a breach in conditions or guidelines, the use of the relevant premise as a Home Office shall be reverted back to residential use.


    • Accountancy services
    • Architectural services
    • Consultancy services (business, engineering, IT, management or education)
    • Design/Advertising services
    • Insurance/Financial planning services
    • Real estate agencies
    • Technology based and knowledge intensive businesses
    • Transportation services
    • Trading office


    • Beauty, hair dressing or massage therapy services
    • Car trading business
    • Card reading/palm reading or fortune telling in any form
    • Catering/restaurants
    • Clinics and pharmacies (e.g. dental, medical, veterinary)
    • Commercial school (e.g. dance, music, language, tuition centre)
    • Courier business
    • Classes on dress-making and embroidery
    • Employment agency
    • Funeral chapels or homes
    • Maid agency
    • Mausoleums
    • Manufacturing, preparation or processing of any products and goods
    • Money lending businesses
    • Opticians
    • Repair activities (e.g. household appliances, electrical products, footwear, etc.)
    • Sales/marketing that involves conducting seminars and talks for large number of customers
    • Shops and any form of retail activity, including pet shops


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