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Facebook Marketing Course Singapore (SkillsFuture Approved / PIC Claimable)

After PIC Price: $178 (Company Approved)
SkillsFuture Covers 100% of Course Fees (Self Approved)

Why Learn Facebook Marketing?


Facebook is an online social media tool that is proficient in reaching out to others effortlessly. It is a communication channel that enables users to receive news, acquire information and trends for engagement easily.

Facebook offers intensive advanced technology that allows the establishment of Facebook Page (Fan Page), Facebook Group, Messaging, Invitation and Entertainment to target particular audience.

In conclusion, Facebook is one of the most dominant online social media marketing tools that is able to help you connect to those people who may be keen in your service or product.  With the correct targeting, your businesses will encounter a substantial rise in revenue.

Our Facebook Workshop is applicable for companies interested in ‘Business to Consumer’ marketing. You will gasp how to create Fan Page and Post with exciting topics, images and videos to appeal to your followers so that they Like, Comment or Share. This can help turn your followers into your profitable customers.

This workshop can aid in providing numerous benefits to sales specialist like property agents, interior designers and business owners, so as to achieve a high Return of Investment (ROI).


Facebook Marketing Course Curriculum
(SkillsFuture Approved / PIC Claimable)

  • Is Facebook compatible for my business?
  • How to recognise target audience?
  • What are the differences between Facebook Ad with Google AdWords?
  • How to construct Facebook Ads?
  • What is CPC, CPM and CTR?
  • How to effectively operate Facebook Ads that will get you the ideal result with the least amount of money spent?
  • Tips & strategies to obtain Facebook followers.
  • How to write appealing Facebook Ads?
  • What other alternatives do you have to appeal to your Facebook followers other than intriguing descriptions?
  • How to form a fan base?
  • How to allure followers to give likes, shares and comments?
  • What is the utmost aim for Facebook advertising?
  • How to generate viral traffic?
  • How to generate leads and get more sales from Facebook Ads?
  • How to avoid paying for Facebook Stupidity Tax?
  • What is Facebook Retargeting?
  • What is hyper targeting?

Why Choose Us?

Our Facebook Marketing Workshop is built around your field of work as you will be constructing your very own Fan Page and promoting your own services and products. We arrange classes at the International Plaza, the heart of CBD area, directly beside Tanjong Pagar MRT. We offer high-end training facilities in a conducive learning environment.

Our workshop is specially made for businesses to create more leads and sales. You will grasp how to create Fan Page and Facebook ads during our hands-on training.

Our workshop is very affordable and is less than $300. Upon completion of the workshop, you will be awarded a Certificate issued by our company.

Our Facebook Marketing Course – Training Schedules:

1. 16th August 2016, Tuesday, 9.30am to 5.30pm [Full House]

2. 24th August 2016, Wednesday, 9.30am to 5.30pm [Full House]

3. 9th September 2016, Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm [Full House]

4. 10th October 2016, Monday, 9.30am to 5.30pm

5. 18th November 2016, Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm

Facebook Marketing training is PIC Claimable for

Singapore businesses or companies
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Dates are subjected to change without notice.

Classes will be deemed to be postponed if there are less than 6 participants.

Companies interested in close classes (Minimum of 6 participants) are able to contact us for more information.

We only accept payments in Singapore Dollars and all payments are non-exchangeable or refundable for other items.

  • MYOB Course Dates
  • MYOB - Basic ($185), 12/06/2017MYOB - Basic ($185), 11/07/2017MYOB - Basic ($185), 14/08/2017MYOB - Basic ($185), 11/09/2017

    MYOB - Intermediate ($185), 13/06/2017MYOB - Intermediate ($185), 12/07/2017MYOB - Intermediate ($185), 15/08/2017MYOB - Intermediate ($185), 12/09/2017

    MYOB Advanced ($185), 14/06/2017MYOB Advanced ($185), 13/07/2017MYOB Advanced ($185), 16/08/2017MYOB Advanced ($185), 13/09/2017



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