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What is the most efficient way to make common seals?

    18 May

    What is the most efficient way to make common seals?

    A common seal is used by companies in common law jurisdiction. The common seal is also known as a company seal that is used by companies to undertake their official transactions. Every common seal maker in Singapore makes sure that they make an authentic seal to enhance the legitimacy of their corporate clients. Moreover, seals are used for further security since they protect all their documents against forgery.

    The affixing of a seal on any document signifies that the host company recognizes and endorses the entire act and deed. When the directors sign on the documents without the seals, it shows that they acted as agents on behalf of the company. Under the ordinary law of agency, having the directors sign documents only without a company seal has restrictions and limitations. However, the seal signifies that the entire company management is in agreement with the contract and all information entailed in the document.

    There has been an increase in the number of companies in Singapore. This increase has resulted in every common seal maker in Singapore trying to make top quality seals at affordable prices. Common seals have many uses in corporations currently:

    They are used on documents that have requirements to be executed as deeds. These deeds are executed under the company’s common seal as opposed to simple contracts that can be considered legitimate and authentic with the use of the managers’ signatures.

    Some of the important corporate documents like share certificates are mostly issued with the use of the common seal.

    In the past, seals were made using wax. The melted wax was used to make an impression on the relevant documents endorsing them as official transactions of the company. Now, the modern seals are indentations or impressions on the paper that serve the same purpose as those traditional seals. In some cases, a red wafer is used in the modern seals to imitate the traditional red wax seals that were popular in the early 20th century. Additionally, the red wafer is used to make sure that the common seal appears with clarity on the photocopies of the original document.

    Each common seal maker in Singapore makes top quality seals to create a clear and visible embossed impression on company documents. The seal was originally used to legalize certain important company documents and deeds. In the current day, seals are used as identification and for branding purposes.

    The primary components that a common seal maker in Singapore incorporates in the seal are:

    • The client’s company name
    • The state and year of incorporation
    • Other additional information specifically requested by the client for customization purposes.

    There are many ways of making a common seal. Nonetheless, below is an outline of the most efficient way to make the seals.

    First, a drawing of the desired seal design is made on a piece of paper. This seal is supposed to be approximately 2 inches in diameter. A majority of the seals are circular. Nonetheless, some shapes like square and hexagonal are also acceptable.

    Draw a second shape similar to the first one made inside the seal. This shape is made about a fourth of an inch from the edge of the first outline. Space in between is reserved for lettering.

    The company logo is then placed with precision in the center of the seal outline. The name of the company is written at the top of the seal. This name should be written uniformed centrally neatly above the company logo.

    At the bottom of the seal below the logo, the location of the company and year of incorporation should be written neatly there below on the seal design. After creating the design, one should take it to a common seal maker in Singapore. The design can be taken to an engraver for the embossing tool to be made from the design.

    That is the undisputed most efficient way to make common seals in Singapore.


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