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Eco friendly rubber stamps

9 May

Eco friendly rubber stamps

In Singapore as well as worldwide it is a growing trend to use ethical products that are more environmental friendly. The number of consumers in the Singapore’s marketplace who are willing to pay more for ethical eco-friendly products has constantly increased over the past years. Singaporeans are increasingly supportive of environmental friendly or “green” products. The term “green” used in this context has nothing to do with colour, but expresses the care for nature environment because green is a colour usually associated with nature.

Green products are kinder to the environment in one way or another. A product is considered eco friendly if it is biodegradable, meaning that when it is released to the earth, water, or air the product will pose no threat to the environment, whether in use or when disposed of. These eco friendly products that are biodegradable usually decompose much quicker when disposed of that similar products made of materials which are not biodegradable.

A product is also considered green or eco friendly if it contains any amount of recycled goods in its manufacturing. This saves the environment from using additional materials and reuses a material, keeping it out from the landfill.

When a product’s fabrication process is specifically designed to reduce carbon emissions, save energy, or use renewable energy to make that item, the product will receive a green label. Singapore’s manufacturing companies strive to manufacture eco friendly products that can reduce the impact on the environment of the fabrication process, as well as making the products eco friendly in terms of usage and disposal. Many companies have green initiatives in places that encourage employees to look for ways to produce items in an environmental friendly process. These efforts help to reduce the environmental impact of the consumer goods.

Most of the eco-friendly or green products have labels that denote the fact they have made of recycled goods, are biodegradable, or are made through an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Choosing to use eco-friendly products and lead a sustainable lifestyle can be beneficial to future generations. The number of eco-conscious shoppers in Singapore is continuously growing.

In general, eco-friendly products are:

· Durable, energy efficient, and have low maintenance requirements.

· Made by local manufacturers from local resources.

· Free of toxic compounds and ozone depleting chemicals, and they do not produce toxic by-products.

· Made of recycled materials or from sustainable and renewable sources.

· Biodegradable or easily reused.

There are a couple of ways you can make sure the products you buy are genuine green products. A good way is to always look for the certification label that ensures the product is eco-friendly.

There are many green products available in the market in Singapore. It is important that products that are highly used for everyday tasks are eco-friendly. Such a product intensely used daily for many purposes is the rubber stamp. Rubber stamps are used in Singapore is for various purposes, such as rubber stamps for children’s play, rubber stamps for business purposes, and rubber stamps that are used by teachers for rewarding students with school marks.

Usage of the rubber stamps for business purposes in Singapore can be found in rental agreements, invoices, business contracts, and many other business documents.

Without researching too much on the environmental impact it is no question that, in general, rubber stamps are a more environmental friendly option that using thousands of business cards that produce a high quantity of post use waste. Paper also requests harvesting resources, transporting it, processing and delivery. All these make use of a considerable amount of energy and many harmful chemicals in form of additives.

On the other side, the eco-friendly rubber stamps are especially designed for the purpose to minimise their environmental impact. They are made of photopolymer that is biodegradable. The energy, chemicals, and pollution that are involved in the rubber stamp fabrication process is less damaging for the environment. The eco-friendly plastic used in the making of eco rubber stamp is free from Polyvinylchlorid and they comply with the requirements on the restriction of use of certain hazardous materials. The green line of eco-friendly rubber stamps is made in part from recycled plastic and rubber, they can be refilled with ink and use water based inks.


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