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DIY Common Seal guide

23 May

DIY Common Seal guide

How they work

The seals usually take a circular shape, and most of them are usually made from metallic materials. The original seals used to be made from wax but progress has been established to the point where the current seals are embossed. Corporate Seals, otherwise known as Company Seals and Common Seals, are used to authorize certain decisions made on behalf and approval of the company.

The set of steps below represents the procedure through which one can obtain common seals:

Give it your dream shape

The traditional shapes are centered in the shape of a circle. The two shapes are a small circle and a big circle centered on the small circle. The latest development has been the introduction of other shapes among them- oval seals, triangular, squares, and hexagons. Having the right shape in mind, draw the shape on a plain piece of paper or document. The sketch is then done in graphic design software, or free DIY station tools that are made available.

Work on the exterior content

The exterior of your common seal needs to contain the essential details of your corporation. At the top or the bottom of the seal is the corporation name that is usually indicated in capital letters. The other content that is placed on the exterior of the seal is the year, month or date the corporation was incorporated, the city or state within which the corporation is based and the company code if there is one.

Design the interior content

Just like the title suggests, the interior content has everything to do with what the corporation is and the activities that it handles. The interior of the seal may contain words like ”Corporate seal”. The interior can also have the icon or the logo of the corporation. The other details that you may not want them to appear on the exterior of your seal can be placed in the interior. The details may include the year of inception or the location of the corporation. Once the above has been identified, you need to update the details in the sketch in the word processor or the graphic design software.

Choice of the font size

The aim will be obtaining the clearest seal that can be used in any document. Block-style fonts are the most preferred compared to the Times new Roman and script-style fonts that do not print legibly. After making choice of the most appropriate font, you need to write down the style on your paper. The chosen style needs to be written down on paper or the text need to be selected in the software that you are using, and the font style changed.

Increase the appeal of the seal

The appeal of the seal can be increased by making amendments of the borders and open spaces that can be customized. The customization can take the form of tiny squares, double lines, ropes, stripes, and stars.

Give it a finish

The process marks the ending of the procedure in the making of the seal. The rough sketch of what you have done can be taken to an office supply place or a stationery store that makes the orders of the various seals. The stationery store or office supply can also be majoring in the creation of the same seals.


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