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What is the Difference of Monogram Stamp & Normal Stamp?

10 May

What is the Difference of Monogram Stamp & Normal Stamp?

There are two main options to pick from when you are purchasing a rubber stamp. You can select a custom stamp or a standard one. A personalized stamp includes important information such as an address, name, phone number, significant date, or website. On the other hand, standard stamps have general details such as the date, which can be used by anyone. If you want personalized information, a monogram stamp is one of the options you can use. A monogram is described as a motif that combines two letters or more to come up with a symbol. It can include your initials, your company’s log or a favorite image.


Monogram stamps have an advantage over the standard ones because they can personalize dates, numbers and gifts. They can also make it easy for individuals and businesses to track important documents. There are different kinds of monogram stamps to select from including conventional hand stamps, self-inking and pre-inked. These options are also available with the normal stamps. The self-inking and pre-inked stamps are a great choice if you need to personalize several documents. They are ideal when you want to enhance efficiency.

The self-ink monogram stamps use water based ink while the pre-inked ones are usually oil-based. Pre-inked rubber stamps are great for monograms because they offer good quality initials. Monogram stamps tend to have a crisp and solid impression on any item that is stamped.

The self-inkers are more economical and you can still get a good impression of your initials.

The self-inking stamp has an inner mechanism that allows its rubber die to retract and back up to get additional ink. It is a good option if you need a rubber stamp that can be used to create several impressions. You can get up to 50,000 impressions with these stamps and they are refillable.

In the pre-inked ones, the ink is impregnated inside the rubber die and all you have to do is press the stamp on an item to get your monogram. You can get at least 10,000 impressions with this kind of stamp.

Color and Font Options

Monogram rubber stamps come in a variety of colors. You can choose any color your want. A normal stamp may only come in a single color, which makes it difficult to create a different look for every item you stamp.

Another difference between monogram and normal rubber stamps is the font options. Monogram stamps are ordered and this makes it possible to select your preferred font types. However, it is advisable to select a legible font for your monogram stamp. Complex fonts make it difficult to see the initials or images you include. Normal stamps come with a standard font type and you may have limited options to select from.

Monogram stamps come in different font sizes. The company you use will advise you on the best font size to make sure your initials and image is clear when stamped. A normal stamp is only available in a specific font size and this can be limiting.


A monogram stamp is different from a normal because you can use the former on different kinds of materials. This is a significant advantage especially when you want to include your initials on cards and envelopes with ease. You may find it more difficult to mark certain materials with a normal stamp.

A monogram stamp comes in handy when planning a wedding. This rubber stamp can be used to include a couple’s initials on wedding invitations and table decorations. It helps you to add a unique touch to all the items that you stamp. This kind of flexibility is not available with the normal stamps.

Small businesses can also take advantage of monogram rubber stamps to set themselves apart from other firms. This is not possible with normal stamps because they do not include unique symbols. The use of monograms is very popular especially among craft businesses.

Buying Process

It is easy to find a standard stamp that has general details in any stores that stocks rubber stamps. All you have to do is select the specific rubber stamp that you want from the categories available depending on the information you want it to have. However, if you are in search of a monogram rubber stamp, it can take a few days. Most of the companies that offer customized stamps allow customers to upload preferred designs through their websites. You can also email the initials or image that you want to include on the stamp.



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