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Details to prepare before designing name card

24 May

Details to prepare before designing name card

Business is a tough game with many competitive opponents. One of the most used tools in the business world is the name card. Designing a name card has never been as simple as slapping the logo of client and contact information on a document and sending it off to a printer. There are a few fundamental requirements that you must fulfil to design a print-ready name card. Here are six details to prepare before designing a name card:

1. Logo

If you want your clients and prospects to associate you with your business, it is important to prepare a business logo. It will install confidence and make it easier for them to identify your brand as well as make you look professional.

2. The purpose of the name card

A name card can convey several things. It can be the easiest and the quickest way to give out contact information. It can, however, be an effective marketing tool for your business. Before you design a name card, it is critical to identify the goal you would like to achieve with your name card. Remember, having the purpose for your name card will help you design a memorable and less jumbled card.

3. The photo

Often times, when name cards are exchanged at larger networking events; it is very easy to confuse faces and names. When the person you have given the card finds it the next day, you want them to remember the situation in which the card was given. Preparing a professional photo or sign for your name card will ensure that your credentials and face is remembered. It will indeed make your card stand out from the crowd.

4. Name and title

One of the most important details you need to prepare is the name and title of your name card. Most people do not like name card without a name or title because they are the things that act like a statement to the name card. A Name card needs a given number of words to be included so that it does not look congested. You must choose the name of your card wisely before designing it. On the other hand, you must prepare a title that mentions exactly what your recipients should expect from you.

5. Contact information

After deciding on the name and title of your name card, you need to decide on the right contact information to include before designing your name card. The clients and prospects you want to give your name card need a way to contact you and it will only be possible if you put relevant, reliable contacts. The contacts should inform your recipients about your specific location and ensure that you can be reached in more than a single way.

6. Colour theme

It is wise to keep your name card in line with the rest of your business branding. If you have professional looking colours, use them. However, if you do not have a specific colour scheme to design your name card with, you should choose complementary colours before designing the card. Make sure you choose colours that will make your name card look professional.



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