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Combining Light Ink and Dark Paper Effectively With Rubber Stamps in 5 Steps

23 May

Combining Light Ink and Dark Paper Effectively With Rubber Stamps in 5 Steps

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Traditionally, when rubber stamps are mentioned, one usually envisions and uses the rubber stamps with dark ink on bright paper to form crisp impressions. Rubber stamps are versatile in usage, so they are used with a wide variety of materials- on invoices, on corporate letters, on name cards and even on the packaging of products! If one takes a closer look, dark ink on light paper is a staple when it comes to rubber stamping. But what of the inverse? It’s entirely possible to give your materials a creative edge over others by experimenting well with light ink against darker paper. You just have to remember these 5 steps:

1. Ink Type

When it comes to using light ink on dark paper with rubber stamps, the type of ink you choose to use can actually contribute a major difference in the end results. Decide which factor you want to bring as the focal point. If you want to make use of contrast as the focal point of your material, pigment inks and white or pastel coloured inks would be the best option. If you want something that looks more muted, dye inks are a good option. In addition, you can also choose to apply different mediums like rubber stamping with bleach or glow in the dark ink, as long as you are aware of the precautions you should be taking.

2. Rubber Stamp Type

Plan according to what type of rubber stamps you wish to use as well. What rubber stamp designs do you plan to use? If your rubber stamps are larger and bolder, it draws focus on your ink effects so coordinate your rubber stamps and choice of ink wisely. If you are using subtler and more intricately shaped rubber stamps like outline stamps or decorative rubber stamps, the effects will be a lot sleeker- do note that certain details may be lost in the stamping process.

3. Paper Type

You don’t necessarily have to stick to plain paper either. While it is true that the use of plain dark paper can offer your final outlook the best contrast when paired with light ink, you can also experiment with different textures and styles with patterned papers, decorative papers and more. This gives you more range when it comes to exhibiting creativity, especially if you plan on adding embellishments.
By following these 5 steps, you should be able to quickly and easily create crisp and sharp impressions of your rubber stamp design onto the paper of your choice. Feel free to experiment with different darker paper types as the material can sometimes play into the overall end result of your stamped design.

4. Layout

Before you begin rubber stamping, consider what purpose the final appearance of your material is used for. How can you align and arrange it to best fit your needs? Plan the layout of your final design and make use of different design elements like relying on rubber stamps for navigation purposes, outlining purposes and more! Once you are certain of the layout you want, decorating your material would be a lot more fuss free.

5. Finish Options

Much like dark ink with bright paper, you can also make use of additional finish options to enhance the final effect of your rubber stamp images on dark paper. For example, colouring effects like chalk, other ink types and more can be used to put up finishing touches on material that require intricate colour work. You can also make use of other options like embossing powder or clear embossing powder, pearl ink and more!


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