Do you need to divert the company phone calls to Singapore mobile / overseas mobile or fixed line at low cost?

Call Forwarding Singapore Service

Call Forwarding Singapore

  • $20 Setup Fees (One-time)
  • Secure Online Payment using Master, Visa, Paypal, AMEX.
  • Dedicated Phone Number issue to client.
  • Dedicated phone number starts with “3” (Example: 38178888).
  • 24/7 call forwarding to any Singapore or overseas mobile / Land Line (Fees Apply).
  • Free caller ID, call forwarding feature.
  • Improves company image compared to putting handphone numbers on namecards, letterheads and website.
  • No telephone line subscriptions, purchase of analog telephone set, and line installation charges.

Complimentary Fax-to-Email Feature includes:

  • Free Incoming faxes and free forwarding of the faxes in PDF format to client’s designated email address
  • Free 12 months shared fax number with minimum 12 months call forwarding service signup
  • Local out-going fax charges applies (50 Cents for every page, faxing to overseas number not available)
  • S$15/Month [S$180 for 12 Months Service + S$20 Setup Fees]
  • S$12/Month [S$288 for 24 Months Service + S$20 Setup Fees included]
  • (* All prices inclusive of GST)


Purchase our Call Forwarding Services (For Singapore Registered Companies Only) online by clicking on the “Buy Now” button!

 Need More Information on our Call Forwarding Singapore Service?

  • We will need you to subscribe to our services online with plenty of payment options – Visa, Master, Paypal, AMEX (Through Paypal) or you can signup the Call Forwarding Services at our office with our in-house friendly Customer Service Officers.
  • A Singapore Telephone Number will be issued to you which you can use for printing of your company namecards, websites, and other corporate stationery.
  • Each time a Caller is calling through your Company’s Telephone Number, the phone call is diverted to your designated mobile number 24 hours / day.
  • You can also opt for have all calls to your telephone number routed to a voice mail system which will be forwarded via email as wav file for you to access at your convenient time.

Why Choose Us?

  • No more investment in PABX Systems, telephone wiring in your office premises.
  • Low Monthly Fee for using our Call Forwarding Services as opposed to hiring a full-time receptionist.
  • When you outsource your call forwarding, you no longer need to go through the hassle of recruiting, training of the staff.
  • No incoming calls limit for Call Forwarding Services, 24 Hours daily.
  • Utilizing the Call Forwarding Services will help small firms to gain professional image while incurring low cost comparing to hiring a full-time staff

Call Forwarding Rates Per Minute (in SGD) (Enjoy Substantial Call Savings to forward to Singapore & Overseas Number at Reasonable Rates!) 

Singapore: $0.014
China: $0.05
Hong Kong: $0.05
India: $0.05
Indonesia: $0.14, Indonesia (Jakarta): $0.08
Japan: $0.05
Malaysia: $0.04
Myanmar: $0.34
Philippines: $0.24
Thailand: $0.04
Vietnam: $0.20
South Korea: $0.05
Taiwan: $0.08
Iran: $0.27
Saudi Arabia: $0.20
Pakistan: $0.18
Cambodia: $0.20
Germany: $0.05
Spain: $0.08
Italy: $0.05
Ireland: $0.05
Belgium: $0.05, Belgium Mobile: $0.49
Portugal: $0.05
Denmark: $0.08
Netherlands: $0.05, Netherlands Mobile: $0.21
Sweden: $0.08
Ukraine: $0.26 Ukraine Mobile: $0.52
Czech Republic: $0.09, Czech Republic Mobile: $0.18
Croatia: $0.21, Croatia Mobile: $0.59
Turkey: $0.10, Turkey Mobile: $0.28
UK: $0.05, UK Mobile: $0.40
Switzerland: $0.05, Switzerland Mobile: $0.70
Estonia: $0.12, Estonia Mobile: $0.56
Serbia: $0.28, Serbia Mobile: $0.63
South AmericaAfrica
Brazil: $0.20
Argentina: $0.12 Brazil: $0.20
Argentina: $0.12, Argentina Mobile: $0.28
Colombia: $0.26
Uruguay: $0.14, Uruguay Mobile: $0.40
Chile: $0.12
Cameroon: $0.34, Cameroon Mobile: $0.54
Nigeria: $0.18
Egypt: $0.20, Egypt Mobile: $0.26
Senegal: $0.45, Senegal Mobile: $0.75
Gabon: $0.80
OceaniaNorth America
Australia: $0.05, Australia Mobile: $0.14
New Zealand: $0.05 New Zealand Mobile: $0.12
Mexico: $0.12
Canada: $0.05
Costa Rica: $0.18
USA: $0.05

*All prices are subject to change


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