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Business Card Etiquette in Singapore

23 May

Business Card Etiquette in Singapore

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Business cards are more than a basic necessity in Singapore. There are certain rituals that you need to follow when you are offering or receiving business cards. 

Business cards are required for every business introduction in Singapore. They are considered a major introduction tool. The cards also make it possible for you to exchange contact information, maintain customer and network links. In Singapore, business cards are used to convey an individual’s status. Exchanging business cards is an essential formality. You can exchange them in both informal and formal settings after you have completed the initial introductions. Carry business cards with you every time you attend a meeting or social functions in the country. You may destroy a business relationship if you appear at a business meeting without a business card. 

There are certain things that you should include in your business card if you intend to offer them to contacts in Singapore. Every business card should have your full names, title, business name or logo, and contact details such as website, email address, fax, telephone numbers, and physical address. Titles are valued in Singapore and for this reason you should include your academic qualifications such as Ph.D or Dr. 

Make sure the details in your card are also available in the local language. Your potential clients will consider it courteous if you make it easy for them to understand the details on your card. It also demonstrates that you respect the culture and language and you are keen to do business with them.

Offering Business Cards

Wait until the initial introductions and after you have talked for a while with an individual or group before you offer your cards. When you present your card, make sure you are holding it with both hands. The side of the card that is in the local language should be facing up. The recipient should be able to read the details on the card while you are offering it. Put your card in the recipient’s hand instead of placing it on a table. Do not slide your business card towards the recipient if they are seated across you.  

Make sure all the cards you offer are in great condition. They should not be worn out. The recipients will judge your character based on the condition of your business cards.

It is advisable to stand up when you are exchanging cards in Singapore as a sign of respect. Exchange cards with individuals instead of passing them out to groups of people. You need to have one-on-one interaction with an individual before you exchange cards.   

Receiving Business Cards

If you are offered a business card, receive it with both hands. Examine the card carefully after you accept it. You should make sure you put it away nearly. A card-holder is a good place to keep the card. This demonstrates that you are respectful and you will continue to uphold the respect as the relationship develops.

Do not put the business card in the back pocket. This is considered a sign of disrespect in the Singapore culture. If you are in a meeting, place the card in front of you once it is offered.

Examine the card carefully after it is presented to you before you put it away. The card that you get represents the person who has offered it and this is why it is considered polite to study it for a while before you place it in front of you or in a card case.

When someone offers you a business card, do not write on it in their presence. You can add details when you leave the meeting venue. Writing on cards is usually considered disrespectful. 

If you want to attain success as a businessperson in Singapore, you have to learn what is expected of you during both formal and informal meetings. You need to recognize the vital role that business cards play and how they can help you to establish business relationships and maintain them. Respect is highly valued in Singapore and this also applies to the exchange of business cards. Make sure you demonstrate respect when you receive and offer business cards. Business card etiquette can work to your advantage when you want to build networks in the country.


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