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Brayer style Rubber Stamps- 5 Crucial Things To Know

15 Aug

Brayer style Rubber Stamps- 5 Crucial Things To Know

Brayer rubber stamps are growing in popularity with it’s convenience, cost and ability to cover large areas with little effort. While it does allow users some degree of flexibility and versatility in terms of uses, there are some important things you need to be aware and accepting of before you actually go ahead to purchase one for yourself. Here’s what to know:

  1. Basic Application

The most basic application when using brayer rubber stamps would be to directly apply ink onto the material of choice. While standard and straightforward, direct ink application can be used for many different crafting results including creating of backgrounds, textured effects and more! Roll your brayer style rubber stamps over your ink pad lightly and make sure all the surfaces are inked before rolling onto the material of your choice.

  1. Texture

Brayer rubber stamps can also be used to add texture to the mix. You can achieve that in simple and quick steps- all you have to do is find the relevant materials that can produce the texture you need and adding them to the roller surface when rolling. You will then be able to add texture to your overall result. For example if you are using string like yarn or even rubber bands, you can decide to wrap them around the roller into different positions and roll as you do usually. Make sure to remove all additional items once you are done.

  1. Ink transfer

Brayers can also be used if you want to transfer ink to another rubber stamp. Roll your inked brayer rubber stamp over the rubber stamp section of your rubber stamp to evenly distribute the ink for better control. Test print with the rubber stamp at regular intervals to gauge the effectiveness and ink distribution. You can also stamp in reverse, supporting inked rubber stamps with the paper being rolled over instead of the rubber stamp.

  1. Over Embossed Areas

Brayer rubber stamps can also be used to apply ink over your embossed areas of the material for an added fancy touch that can be used to bring dramatic flair to the entire look. The end result usually resembles a soft ring of colour around the embossed imaged or floating on top, which can be made use of for their unique effects. Simply ink your brayer rubber stamp again and roll over it as evenly as possible.

  1. Cleaning

Most brayer style rubber stamps come with a roller that can be detached. In order to clean it, you will have to detach the roller from the rubber stamp frame. Most inks can be cleaned off with water, but other specialty inks may require stamp cleaning solution so make sure you have that available just in case. Check the surface of your brayer style rubber stamp and remove any dried ink build up with a cloth, especially at the ends. Soak your brayer into water and soap before rinsing dry. Roll it against paper or cloth a few times to remove excess moisture and leave it to dry.



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