Awesome 3-D Business Cards for Technology Companies and Startups

13 Jun

Awesome 3-D Business Cards for Technology Companies and Startups

In order to brand your business, three-dimensional cards are used to capture the attention of the people. They imbibe the sense of depth and go a long way in transforming the fortunes of the company. One should follow certain tips and tricks to accomplish the task. Some of the options are as follows:

Good Design:

For 2 Side Name Card Design, one should follow correct principles. For instance, it is important to keep the copy located at least 5mm from the edges. In addition, 300dpi resolution of printing helps to improve the visibility of the images.
One should also maintain minimum size for the typography and work with spot colors. To replenish the design with CMYK, people have to use the grid’s layout. It is extremely beneficial to maintain the hierarchy of the information.

Creativity With Constraints:

Generally numerous sizes are available for creating standard business cards. In fact, 55*85mm is the best bet for designers to store the contact information in detail. Although space is quite less, it is still sufficient to vent out the creativity. Sometimes, a tiny image can also be included into the mix along with the contact information.

Avoid Common Mistakes:

The next step is to avoid mistakes in the design process. Users should provide the bleed according to the specification command of the printer. In addition, straight forward border should not be used along the edges as it can sully cards appearance to a great extent.

Finishing Is The Key:

One of the most important factors that have to be taken into account is the finishing of the card. It would appear unique to the other cards and capture the imagination of the people. Some of the steps include foil blocking, Spot UV and usage of metallic inks to improve the appearance of the card. Finishing also depends on the types of printers used for the process.

Cutting The Card:

3-d Color Name Card design is effective if certain elements are removed from the stock. Rounding of the edges impart uniqueness to the card and make it attractive. Many printers are providing laser cut options to the users depending on their requirements and specifications. In fact, the creativity is combined with the creasing to incorporate wonderful architectural features into the card.

Non-conventional Materials:

One of the best methods to enhance the exclusiveness of the card is to use non-conventional materials. Business cards should be printed in stock to reduce the total price, therefore all sorts of materials can be used for the printing process. Some of them include transparent slates, plastics and wood.
You should be creative but also make sure that the card is portable and can easily be filled in the pockets. Business cards are made in such a manner that they can be recycled as per the preferences of the users. People who want inspiration for the business card design can log onto the website and find beautiful design templates. Although the process is time-consuming, it is still worth the effort.


Recycled cards are wonderful options for the users because they can be repackaged in different formats. One of the most important effects of the card is that it is ecologically clean and delivers sterling results to the users.
Prior to a printing process, designers should cross check the art work. If there are any drawbacks, they should be rectified in an easy and hassle free manner. Sometimes, messages on the business card also contain typo errors, hence you should remove them to make it different as well as impressive. If created properly, the card can instantly win hearts of your business clients.


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