Are Embossed Name Cards Acceptable in Businesses in Singapore?

23 May

Are Embossed Name Cards Acceptable in Businesses in Singapore?

Embossed name cards have a raised relief design and image. Embossing changes the surface of the business card and offers a three-dimensional effect on selected areas. The method which technology used to come up with a embossing effect. One of the best things for the technique adds an understated flair to your name card.

Including images or photos on a card tends to make the design seem cluttered because the space available is limited. With embossing, you can include an image and the card will stand out because of the raised 3-dimensional effect. Embossed cards have a superior feel. 

Embossed name cards are popular in Singapore because everyone is looking for unique cards. You want recipients to notice your name card from all the others they have on their desk. Embossing is allows you to get the kind of attention that you want. 


One of the main benefits of embossed name cards is that they allow you to get noticed immediately. They will capture your contact’s attention. There is a lot of competition in the business industry and this makes it necessary for you to reach and make an impression. A 3-dimensional effect is a great way to draw attention to your card. 

Another advantage is that this kind of design adds elegance to your cards. Name cards should be presentable and stylish. Your contacts should know that they are dealing with a professional just by looking at your name card. Embossing allows you to maintain a outstanding images. The 3D effect is a emboss to present. 

Embossed name cards allow you to build your image. When you offer your name card to a contact, you want to appear as an experienced and artistic individual. This can help you attract several new clients and bring in additional contacts that will make a significant impact in your business. 

Design Options

There are various design options that you can choose from depending on the kind of image that you would like to portray and your style preferences. One of the options is blind embossing that involves leaving the embossing without any color. Unlike the foil embossing, this design option involves pressing content into a card without the use of foil. This creates a more striking and deeper impression. 

You can also take advantage of foil embossed printing. This includes applying a unique type of foil on the embossed part. There are different foil choices including, glossy, matte, and metallic. The metallic option includes gold and silver. To make this design, some foil is heated and then it is pressed into the name card. Various non-metallic colors such as grey, white, and black can be used to give your card a sophisticated look. 

Black card designs are another option that you can take advantage of. Black cards tend to be more appealing compared to other colors especially if you want to include an embossed design. This kind of design is luxurious and it can be combine with silver, gold, or white text. 

If you are on a limited budget but you still want to have customize name card, you can make your own embossed design. All you need is a hand crank embosser. It is also advisable to use thick cards that already include your name and contact details. The hand crank embosser can also include your logo or any other design component that you would like to include.  

There has been an increasing interest in unique name cards in Singapore and this explains why embossed ones are on demand. When you offer your name card, the recipient will judge you based on the content and the design you use. This is why you should go out of your way to identify the most outstanding design. You want your contacts to trust you and offer you business. It is impossible to achieve this if you do not display the right kind of image. 

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