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Appointment Cards VS Name Cards- Which Is Better?

10 May

Appointment Cards VS Name Cards- Which Is Better?

Ever since their arrival and introduction into the market, appointment cards have been gradually getting more popular as the days go by. But at the end of the day, would they stand a chance against name cards? Today, we discuss the merits of appointment cards and name cards.

Appointment Cards VS Name Cards

When people mention appointment cards, the notion is tied to medical appointments and the like, as is first impressions. However, many business professionals have begun adopting the format of appointment cards into business cards as well, as bizarre as it sounds. Appointment style business cards certainly stand out from the ordinary name cards. They are refreshing, thought provoking and certainly an interesting way to make an impression.

But users should be careful of the nature of impression they are giving others by using appointment cards. Name cards are a traditional manner of advertising not only your business, but also yourself to your clients by including your corporation details. Appointment cards on the other hand, cut to the chase by acting as both an advertising tool and also an appointment scheduling card- efficient by modern day standards, but one could also argue that it’s presumptuous and arrogant to do so as it insinuates the expectation that they would take you up on your business.

Though that’s not to say that appointment cards are entirely a bad move. Name cards have been in the business industry for ages and even with different interesting designs, it’s become predictable to receive name cards. The innovation of an idea and design is long lost, what with so many others using name cards so appointment cards can almost be considered a breath of fresh air.

When it comes to professionalism, name cards are a traditional go to while appointment cards are a new up and coming trend that still held mixed reactions amongst the industry. So why not use both name cards and appointment cards? Perhaps the question is not about which one is the superior version, but rather which one is the most useful for you.

Consider the different approaches one can use when it comes to handing out either name cards or appointment cards. 2016 is the era where technology meets business, and in every little thing we do, functionality is a priority. Even basing on Human psychology, you are likelier to earn conversions by “offering” your would be clients something of use first. Traditional name cards lack the type of functionality needed in modern day business to provoke interest. Appointment cards lack the finesse and reliability of name cards. So perhaps, the focus should be on how it is used. Add a touch of usefulness to your name cards by allowing your would be clients to interact with it- for example, turning your name cards into foldable miniature furniture if you run a design and furniture store. Using hair clips as part of your name card design if you are a hair stylist. Making better impressions when you hand out appointment cards worded in humourous manners and the like.

Name cards and appointment cards are tools that hold endless potential, but only if the user knows how to use them. So ask yourself, what exactly is your style of marketing and making your company known to others? What assists you in that endeavor?



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