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6 reasons why doctors should invest in self inking stamps

17 May

6 reasons why doctors should invest in self inking stamps

Are you on the hunt for high quality, professional stamps? Whether you’re a general practitioner who works out of an office in a local clinic or you work in a busy hospital, you can’t go wrong choosing to opt for self inking stamps over pre-inked stamps. If you’re still undecided over which type of stamp to purchase, continue reading to discover 6 reasons why all doctors should opt for self inking stamps over pre-inked stamps.

1. Self inking stamps are fuss free

One of the major benefits of purchasing self inking stamps is that they contain an internal source of ink and as a result don’t require the use of an ink pad. Better yet, most self inking stamps contain enough ink to create approximately 10 to 14 thousand impressions. So you’ll be able to stamp away, without worrying about running out of ink or having to replace or purchase refills for your stamps. After all, as a doctor your time is valuable and better off spent researching new treatments and treating patients than spending time every month having to restock office supplies.

2. Self inking stamps give cleaner impressions

Generally, self inking stamps give clearer impressions than stamps which are sold with separate ink pads. As an added bonus, self inking stamps create little mess, which is a huge benefit for doctors who are held to high professional standards. After all, if you hand your colleagues paperwork with ink splotches all over it, they’ll be likely to question your level of professionalism. If you frequently use stamps on official documents and envelopes, then self inking stamps are defiantly the stamps to opt for as human error is not a factor you have to worry about.

3. Personalized self inking stamps are widely available

Whether you’re in need of a stamp with your signature on it, which you can use to speed up the process of signing and sending out documents and letters. Or you’re in need of a stamp with the name of your practice and your contact details on it, to stamp on the back of the envelopes you use to send mail out to your patients, you’ll be able to order a custom stamp without any hassles. It may also be worth noting, that there are a variety of sizes of self inking stamps on the market, so if you require a stamp with multiple lines of text, such as a business address, your clinic’s individual requirements will be catered for.

4. They are handy to stamp dates on documents

Alternatively, if you’re just after a basic stamp, which you use to stamp the date, month and year onto your documents with, date stamps are readily available. Whereas, pre-inked date stamps are harder to track down and take more time to adjust from date to date. If you’re considering ordering a date stamp, it may also be worth ordering a second date stamp for the staff who man your reception area.

5. They are designed to be incredibly durable

Self inking stamps are created from high quality, heavy duty materials and are constructed to be used on a regular basis. If you think it’s likely that you’ll use the stamps you purchase on a daily basis, then it’s definitely a wise choice as pre-inked stamps tend to have a shorter life span as they are not designed to be stamped thousands of times within a one year period.

6. Ergonomic designs are readily available

The vast majority of self inking stamps have ergonomically designed handles which are designed specially so that you can stamp multiple items in a row, without incurring any repetitive stress related injuries. Some models even boast comfortable rubber handles, which have been designed to be held for extended periods of time without causing any discomfort.

So there you have it, six reasons why you can’t go wrong purchasing self inking stamps! Whether you’re in need of a single stamp for your own office, or you’re in charge of ordering a box full of stamps for your entire department, seriously consider opting for self inking stamps over pre-inked stamps. Not only will you will your clinic save money in the long term as they last longer and don’t require expensive ink pads but self inking stamps are also give the clearest impressions and are the easiest type of stamp to use.



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