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6 creative ways to use art stamps

17 May

6 creative ways to use art stamps

What are art stamps?

Art stamps are traditional rubber stamps, which often depict famous pieces of art work. If you enjoy arts and crafts you may be interested in using art stamps to create a variety of creative art based projects. If you’re in need of a little inspiration to get you started, keep reading to discover ways to use art stamps to create artwork which you’ll be proud to display for all your friends and family members to see.

6 creative ways to use art stamps:

1. How to use stamps to create wall art

Art Stamps

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a talented painter to create eye catching pieces of art, which you can use to decorate the walls of your home or office. If you’re not a skilled painter, consider purchasing a blank canvas and using rubber stamps to . Alternatively, if you enjoy painting try creating mixed media pieces of art by layering paint with various art stamps. As an example, you could use art stamps to create an eye catching border for a piece of art you’ve painted.

2. How to use stamps to create stunning scrapbooks

One of the most popular ways to use art stamps is to decorate the pages of scrapbooks. If you enjoy creating scrapbooks to showcase your favorite photographs, try using stamps to decorate the empty space around your photographs. As an example, layer a piece of colored cardboard on top of one of your scrapbook pages and use it to create a background for one of your photographs by stamping it with a variety of stamps. As an example, you could rotate and stamp a flower art stamp several times to create a floral background for a family photo.

3. How to use stamps to decorate your tiles

If you home contains plain kitchen or bathroom tiles you can give them a new lease of life by using art stamps to decorate them. As an example, if you live by the beach you may be interested in using sea themed stamps such as sea shell themed stamps to decorate your bathroom tiles. If you opt to use rubber stamps to decorate your tiles, you may want to experiment with using a variety of different color pots of paint to stamp your tiles.

Art Stamps

4. How to use stamps to give your furniture a new lease of life

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing new pieces of furniture, consider using a selection of your favorite art stamps and standard paint to give your head board, vanity, mirror and chairs a new lease of life. As an example, you could use simple black and white rubber stamps to create outlines of images, which you can then fill in carefully with a fine paint brush.

5. How to use stamps to create home made gifts which your family and friends are sure to love

There’s no better way to show your friends and family members how much you care than by crafting them home made gifts. There are countless ways to use art stamps to create gifts for special occasions such as birthdays. As an example, you can use stamps in conjunction with other arts and crafts supplies to decorate the cover of a plain journal or diary. Alternatively, you can use stamps to create . Lastly, instead of purchasing expensive wrapping paper, you can also use art stamps and craft paint to create your own home made wrapping paper.

6. How to use stamps to create thoughtful cards and invitations

Whether you have a family member’s birthday coming up or you’d like to invite your friends to a sit down dinner, you can use art stamps to decorate your home made cards and invitations. Simply decorate the front of each invitation or card with a stamped image of a piece of art work which you think will appeal to your friend or family member.

So what are you waiting for? Simply pick the project listed above which appeals to you the most and start searching for the art stamps you need to stark work on your chosen project. Just remember, not to limit yourself to creating the projects listed above as in reality there are countless ways to use art stamps to create one of a kind pieces of art.


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