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5 Ways to combine marker pens with rubber stamps

23 May

5 Ways to combine marker pens with rubber stamps

One of the best things about rubber stamps is that they can be combined with so many different art mediums to give form to beautiful and unique works of art. You can combine virtually anything with rubber stamps and the demand for such crafts only serve to grow within the market. If you are looking to branch out and experiment using other things together with your rubber stamps, marker pens are a good foundation to start with. Here are 5 ways you can combine rubber stamps and marker pens:

1. Inking

At the end of the day, rubber stamps and marker pens are different in the effects and inking process. If you are making use of rubber stamps, you can add on to your stamped images by filling it with ink from marker pens. Depending on the type of ink you use in rubber stamps, the different combination of ink can actually produce an interesting effect. Especially when your rubber stamp ink is mixed with embossing powder, you can combine these three layered effects together.

2. Detail

Marker pens with different felt tips can be combined with the use of rubber stamps in terms of details too. While rubber stamp designs do well in terms of being intricate and well designed, ultimately there is a limit to what you can do with limited space. With marker pens, you will not face such a restriction and so, marker pens are a safe option to use when you need to add more elaborate detailing to your rubber stamp marks.

3. Embossing

There are specially customised embossing ink marker pens that can be used together with your rubber stamp designs too. While it’s true that rubber stamp ink can be mixed with embossing powder to form a raised effect, embossing powder can be too messy and hard to control if you are attempting to restrict it to specific areas. So you can consider using these special customised embossing ink marker pens instead. It gives you more control and options- you can choose to detail certain areas of your stamped image, or even apply the ink to areas outside of the stamped image for added creativity.

4. Effects

Marker pens can also be combined with your rubber stamps to create different effects. For example, a watercolour imitation effect, overlaying with different colours to form a shaded or shadow effect and more! The possibilities are endless- though some effects can only be achieved after embossing so feel free to experiment around and see what you can come up with!

5. Base

Marker pens have been revised and studied by different ink manufacturers so that they can create colours and markers with ink types that actually complement the ink pads of rubber stamps. If you use different materials together with your rubber stamps, these marker pens are good to combine with them. They are designed to match up with slow drying inks on different material and can even be used to create bases for your rubber stamp.



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