5 Unconventional Ideas To Explore In Name Card Design

2 May

5 Unconventional Ideas To Explore In Name Card Design

Name cards are not only your best marketing tools, they are also a window of opportunity to express your own sense of creativity. The better you can make your name cards stand out while still retaining professional information, the likelier your company would be remembered. Add a touch of personality to your name card designs with these 5 unconventional ideas:

Unconventional Ideas To Explore In Name Card Design

  1. Sliding Cards

Create visual effects and interact by shifting visual perceptions of your potential clients with subtle interactive name cards. For example: Name cards with sliding door structures that only reveal details if you slide them out, or name cards that have 3D sliding effects that you can put into place by moving the name cards left to right or under different light conditions.

  1. Material

Another unconventional yet interesting idea that could potentially benefit name card designs would be to make use of the material of your name cards. For example, if you own a sports gym or teach yoga, you can incorporate association to your nature of business by making name cards in the shapes of yoga mats or stretchable material that your potential clients can interact by stretching with. If you own a coffee shop or sell mugs, why not make name cards that can double up as drink coasters?

  1. Storage

One of the best things to achieve with name card designs would be interactivity. Through interaction with your clients, your name cards will etch a deeper impression in their minds due to their uniqueness. What’s more, if you are able to incorporate usefulness or aesthetic design into it such that the client is able to either use or display it somewhere, that would be even better! For example: Name cards that can be dismantled and formed into boxes with your company’s name, name cards that can be formed into artistic pieces like miniature furniture and more!

  1. Recyclable

Recyclable name cards are also quite an unconventional yet interesting element to use. With the amount of environmentally conscious business individuals, that could earn you a major plus point in their book. What’s more, go a step and above by using plantable name cards- name cards printed on plantable papers that could be reused to grow herbs or office plants. This is a good way to allow yourself to be remembered every time your potential client sees their potted office plants.

  1. Edible

Another unconventional name card design would be edible name cards. Although hardly used, the impressions it could create are rewarding. So far, a few corporations have dabbled with chocolate name cards and biscuit name cards. Think of more possibilities you can achieve!

These are just 5 unconventional ideas for name card designs. If you have more ideas, it is always worth experimenting with to find out the effects for yourself. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and stand out from your peers!


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