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5 tips on making calendars using rubber stamps

22 May

5 tips on making calendars using rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are used for authentic purposes to endorse the legitimacy of documents, deeds, and contracts emanating from specific organizations. There are many different kinds of stamps available. The two main categories of stamps are the pre-inking and the self-inking stamps. A self-inking stamp consists of a rubber stamp that is placed inside a stamp body that is spring-loaded. This spring-loaded stamp body rotates to an internal ink pad after every use. As a result, the user does not need to ink the stamp manually. Nonetheless, one is required to replace the ink pad after its content becomes exhausted.

Self-inking rubber stamps in Singapore are very popular. Due to this popularity, every self inking rubber stamp maker in Singapore strives relentlessly to make sure that their products are available at affordable prices. Their popularity arises since they are neat, clean, fast and easy to use. Whenever a large number of documents require stamping, the self-inking stamp is used since it saves a lot of time.

The self-inking stamps can also be used to make calendars. These kinds of stamps are economical thus they are widely used for authentic and calendar printing purposes. While considering the kind of stamps to obtain, business owners are advised to analyze their needs to settle on the most viable choice.

Since the calendars are plain, the self-inking stamps are ideal for their making. These stamps help in the exquisite organization of stuff and save a lot of time. Furthermore, they are easy to use. To make a calendar, one requires making the templates featuring every month of the year. Though it is complex, it produces an excellent and neat calendar print.

Nonetheless, every self-inking stamp maker in Singapore has come up with innovative designs to incorporate all the templates in the stamp. They are made from durable materials that allow the users to use these calendar stamps on any surface. Their strong constructions make them quite popular in many organizations. Moreover, these stamps incorporate quality and technology, thus making them highly desirable.

The increased demand for these stamps has resulted in every self-inking stamp maker in Singapore producing top quality stamps at affordable rates. Since these stamps only require the replacement of the pad without spilling ink, they are neat without any mess. They are available in a variety of shapes thus the user has many options to select from for their calendar-making needs. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of colors thus the calendars made are colorful and appealing.

Dater stamps

Dater stamps are an important component in any stamp kit. Any document that lacks a date is considered unprofessional and untrustworthy. Thus, with a self-inking calendar stamp, the date prints are made quickly and conveniently.


1. One should design three circular rubber materials. These materials should be cut into equal sizes to fit into the self-inking rubber stamp design.

2. After obtaining these pieces, one should proceed to engrave the dates onto the rubber surfaces. One should have days, the other months, and the other one should have the years.

3. These pieces are then joined with smooth rods to make sure that they are mobile always. That will enable the user to adjust the numbers to fit any specific day of their choice.

4. The rubber cylinders are then mounted into the self inking rubber stamp designs. Every self inking stamp maker in Singapore advises that one should make sure that the cylinders move freely for convenient and easy use.

5. An ink pad is fitted into the stamp to provide the stamp with color ink for imprinting purposes. After that is done, the calendar stamps are ready for use.



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