5 Rubber Stamp Presses To Invest In

    22 May

    5 Rubber Stamp Presses To Invest In

    Invest Rubber Stamp
    Rubber stamp presses are easily accessible as long as you approach the right manufacturer or supplier. But how do you get something worth investing in? What rubber stamp presses should you get? Here are 5 models you should try:

    1. Precision Press Model 1524

    If you are an SME or a start up company, then this would be the perfect stamp press for you. Model 1524 has a wider platen size and temperature control units that you can use to maintain even heat distribution to avoid over curing or under curing your rubber stamps. Because of motorised hydraulic systems, you don’t have to manually raise it or drop it either so you can allow it to go through the curing cycle by itself.

    2. Precision Press Model 1515

    More suited for heavy duty production, Model 1515 comes with a heavy-gauge steel base and controls heat distribution with a temperature-controller. Each platen is equipped with thermocouple sensors and can induce a faster heating up process compared to other models. Heat won’t be lost that much either since it’s recovery period is short, so the item that’s inserted for processing will be heated up quickly. You are also able to tell how much pressure is being applied and set an accurate timer for the process too.

    3. Automatic Press

    True to it’s name, all manufacturing processes are performed on an automatic basis- all you need to do is to adjust the details ( temperature, duration, pressure) and the procedure can automatically begin after you have hit the start key. Convenient for the busy stamp makers of the industry. The automatic press also has an emergency stop button so you don’t have to worry about accidents. You can also increase the degassing duration as well.

    4. PEVP Press A5

    The PEVP Press A5 is used for molding as well as press types. If you are looking for a simplistic press to use, then it is the perfect choice for you since it comes with a timer that you can use to control the process. You don’t have to worry about uneven distribution of heat either because it is regulated and evenly distributed through electronic controllers. A little more attention has to be paid to it but other than that, the process should run smoothly.

    5. Precision Press Model 1015

    Precision Press Model 1015 comes with the options for etching (deep etch or standard etch) for the rubber molding. So depending on your design, you can select the pressure accordingly. This way, you can control the etching based on how deep or shallow you want it to be without having to constantly worry over it’s consistency.

    These 5 rubber stamp presses are popular amongst the rubber stamp manufacturing industry so if you are looking for good quality precision stamp presses, you can consider purchasing either of these 5 presses. These 5 rubber stamp presses should fulfill all your needs. However, don’t take our word for it- trial and error is the only accurate way to determine if they are worth their value so discuss with your supplier and team to see what specifications the stamp presses need to meet.


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