5 Name Card Design Trends To Explore

    5 Jul

    5 Name Card Design Trends To Explore

    The need to stand out amidst the competition is an ever growing race. In order to keep up and even outrun your competition, you need to remain on the forefront- and what better way to do so than to identify long lasting trends and getting a headstart on them first? Even something as small as the design of your name card plays an important role in your success so here are 5 name card design trends you should be delving in:

    Name Card Design Trends

    1. Additional Finishing

    A little bit more effort in sprucing up your already fabulous name card design goes a long way. Companies offering name card printing and design services usually will offer additional finishing options too. Assess your name card- what other changes can be added? Embossing, the cut of the name card, lamination, hole punching and more can be done- don’t be afraid to do a few test samples with different finishing options and pick the best one out of the lot.

    1. Material

    With the advancement in technology available these days, who says name cards must be printed on paper material in order to be valid? Literally no one ever! The material you use for your name card design can definitely be one of the most interesting aspect to change. Experiment with other material relevant to your profession. For example, if you’re working with carving, why not carve your details into reasonably sized name cards made from wood? If you are working as a photographer, why not use film as the name card body? The possibilities are endless!

    1. Texture

    Colours are delightful when it comes to creating optical illusions. But continuing with only experimenting using one medium is no longer sufficient or new. Adding a stronger visual kick through texture however, is a different story altogether.Try them out for yourself. Play around with texturing images or logos, engraving, emborssiung, debossing and more to figure out the best one for you.

    1. Quality

    Taking pride in quality can be another surefire way to get noticed as people often crave for materials with better quality. The reason for marketing is to target the specific demographics of your audience and save up on the printing of more name cards than necessary. Print your name card in good quality (paper thickness, ink pigment etc) and see the reaction of your potential customers when you exchange name cards with them.

    1. Shapes

    Don’t be afraid to deviate from the norm! As long as your name card follows the fundamental rule of fitting snugly in someone’s wallet for safekeeping. Why not try something with rounded edges or go all out and choose shapes like diamonds and the like?? It is certainly a good way to get noticed without having to shout through all the noise.

    So there we are, the latest and newest name card design trends to reach the digital era. Why not give one of these aforementioned categories a try and see where it leads you?



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