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 5 MYOB Add ons To Use

15 Sep

 5 MYOB Add ons To Use

Improve your user experience of MYOB by considering these MYOB add ons. Try out these 5 for yourself and gauge it’s effectiveness!

While MYOB accounting softwares generally provide a well-covered range of functions and features, their performance can be further enhanced and customised for your use through the installation of MYOB add ons. Here are 5 recommended MYOB add ons you should consider using:

  1. Certified Add Ons

MYOB Add ons from certified sources are the most trustworthy add ons you can use without having to worry about compromising the security of your operations. Though keep in mind, certified MYOB add ons usually require an additional monthly payment so choose only the ones you’d need. Some good certified add ons are Calxa Premier if you need a more advanced system of reporting and Timely, which allows better scheduling capabilities.

  1. Newest Add Ons

Keep an eye out for the newest MYOB add ons and introduce them to your arsenal of ‘weapons’. Not only will you be able to achieve the latest best performing add ons for your daily performance, you can also stand to gain by sharing advice about them with others. Some of the most well received MYOB add ons are ProWorkFlow which assists you in project management, and Ento, a flexible rostering/attendance software to help with payroll.

  1. Popular Add Ons

Popular add ons are popular for a reason after all, so if you’re looking for something to use on a longer term basis, you should look for popular add ons and see if they work for you. Keep an eye out for the most downloaded and most used. Some examples could be Magento Connect since it connects MYOB to Magento e-commerce websites with ease, and HR Central, which helps SMEs keep all HR policies and the like compliant to employment laws.

  1. Essential Add Ons

MYOB add ons are plentiful in the market. But make sure you are able to afford them and make timely payments since most of them require monthly payments. So if you want to make sure it doesn’t affect the expenditure of your company too much, make a list of what you hope to achieve and select the add ons that are catered specifically to that. For example: Amplifier for a well rounded communication strategy and Cerebiz Cash to help project cash flow results.

  1. Category-based Add Ons

Category based MYOB add ons are a good way to ensure that the MYOB add ons you’re using is best catered to a specific function. For example, if you are an accountant, then you should look for MYOB add ons that are designed specifically for accountants. Some of these are: Castaway- popular for budgeting assistance since it helps users model scenarios and project cashflow.

These are just some recommended MYOB add ons to try out. You never really know what’s suitable for you until you try them out so don’t be afraid to take a look at those that are available and choose the ones you think may benefit you the most.



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