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5 Must Haves For Blogger-Type Name Card Ideas

15 May

5 Must Haves For Blogger-Type Name Card Ideas

business card setName cards are widely used as marketing tools by just about everyone in the market- including bloggers and journalists. Depending on the nature of the business you are in, sometimes you are required to tweak your name cards a little. If you are deciding on creating the best name card design possible for bloggers, here are 5 must haves you will need:

  1. Logo

As a blogger, you will need a mark or sign for others to recognise by. And if you have a logo, that would be for the best since you can use it on both your blog as well as your name card. The more consistent your logo and design, the better others can recognise your brand. In fact, you can even include the logo of a corporation you regularly work with- for example your media company, your agency and more!

  1. Image

Apart from your logo, if you are considered a popular lifestyle blogger/influencer/promoter, then you can consider having a few snapshots on the back of your name card so that your potential client can match your face to your name and remember you more easily. Your face and style are another recognisable factor after all.

  1. Basic Information

Let’s not forget about basic information as well. Information that can be used to contact you would be applicable in this area. For example, your email address and phone number. This way, interested clients can easily obtain information to contact you. You will be reducing the chance of spam calls or harassing fans too, since you are giving your information under professional settings to people you actually want to work with. Knowing the bare minimum that cannot be missed helps narrow down the feeling of confusion when you are coming up with your name card ideas, so be sure to plan out what you absolutely need.

  1. Social Media

The ‘meat’ of your name card- links to your portfolio should be added in as well so that clients can access your content and decide if they would like a collaboration with you. If you have social media portfolios like your website, and other relevant sites like an instagram account, a youtube account or any relevant active social media account, you can consider listing it here. For contact, you can even make use of whatsapp or kik and the like!

  1. Tagline

Summarise what you’re about in a single description for easy comprehension. Taglines are more important than you think, it gives people a better idea on your goals and what you wish to accomplish. Consider it as an elevator pitch in text format. You can place your tagline somewhere on the name card so that it can be noticed by your prospective investors and clients!

There you have it, 5 components of information you much have on name card ideas designed for bloggers. Experimenting around with different styles and printing formats are all fine and dandy, but do not neglect the information sector as well because what’s good of a finely designed name card if it doesn’t satisfy its original purpose?



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