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5 Methods To Keep Organised With Rubber Stamps

23 May

5 Methods To Keep Organised With Rubber Stamps

Decrease work frustrations, delays and minimise mistakes with the help of rubber stamps. While it sounds rather odd, there are some practices you can achieve with rubber stamps that help with organisation. Here are 5 such methods on how you can do just that:

Rubber Stamps Collection

  1. Sorting

When it comes to document sorting, you can make use of rubber stamps that contain basic statements like APPROVED and others that are relevant to the nature of your tasks so that you can sort the documents with reference to the rubber stamped mark instead of having to spend time reading through the details of the documents. Not just that, if you have more rubber stamps, you can make use of colour coding to identify the source of the documents and who to look for when you have queries.

  1. Products

Keep track of new products that have been introduced, special client requests, payment and everything with specific rubber stamps so that your production team can respond to them in a timely manner. This is especially useful when you are taking orders through phone calls since it saves the time it takes for you to write down all the details. You can also make use of rubber stamps to keep track of the completion status of the product through popular labels like SHIPPED, PAID and other assorted labels.

  1. Events

If your company regularly conduct events that require special arrangements and data to be calculated separately, you can ensure that you do so by making use of rubber stamps so that you can easily identify and keep track of overall reception. For example, if you are to keep track of product sign up rates during a promotion or event, you can do so by making use of a rubber stamp symbol to keep track of users who have attended the event and signed up. This way, you will know who to add to mailing lists, and who not to. In the event that your forms are mixed up, you will still be able to sift through the rest and locate them.

  1. Accounting

Occasionally, when you have sales/promotions and repeat customers, you may have various discount rates. When you issue invoices, you may use customer codes or feel the need to note down discount amounts, which can be substituted with rubber stamps so that the discount details and other information can be kept in between your colleagues. It also helps the accounting team with the accounts. By identifying the rubber stamps used, they can better make calculations.

  1. Packaging

When it comes to product packaging, you can save a lot of time by using rubber stamps as custom thank you messages. This way, you eliminate the time taken to write thank you messages and yet will still be able to achieve a better relation with your customers by taking the time to ‘personalise’ your message, which is a lot more welcoming than stiff formal typed thank you messages.

These are the 5 methods you can use with rubber stamps. Achieve faster results with less time taken and eliminate the frustration of having to deal with repetitive tasks, taking time to sort through information and being at a loss of what to do. Invest in some affordable rubber stamps and practice these productive tips today for yourself, you’ll be surprised at just how much the quality of your work will improve.


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