5 Creative Ways To Store And Organise Your Rubber Stamps

    22 May

    5 Creative Ways To Store And Organise Your Rubber Stamps

    We’ve all been exposed to information about rubber stamps- the process of making them, exchanging ink pads, designing them so on and so forth. But curiously enough, there is not much to learn when it comes to storing and organising them, which should be as essential as other information.

    So here are 5 creative yet efficient ways to store and organise your rubber stamps:

    1. Tote Bags

    Tote bags are inexpensive and efficient. It’s not surprising to receive freebies from an event in a tote bag, or be gifted with something in a tote bag as they are sturdy and easily accessible. So instead of keeping them away, why not put them to good use? To organise, stamp a sample of your rubber stamp image onto an area of the bags and keep related rubber stamps together away from direct sunlight.

    1. Gift boxes

    If you aren’t the type of person who enjoys reusing gift boxes from others for regifting, there’s no need to get rid of those boxes either. Gift boxes are the perfect way of combining both aesthetic and functionality by keeping mounted rubber stamps in them. What’s better- their unique coloured or patterned style can act as a visual reminder to the type of rubber stamps you have stored in them.

    1. DVD Cases/Binders

    When it comes to storage, unmounted rubber stamps are a lot easier to store than their mounted counterparts. They can be kept in DVD cases or even binders with plastic separation so that they can be easily located and dust will not stick to their rubber parts. For easy retrieval, stash your unmounted rubber stamps into a binder and make your own labels so that you know where exactly they are. However, take note that all your unmounted rubber stamps are lying flat before you close the binder since they would be damaged if bent or twisted in any way.

    1. Drawer cabinet

    If you have more than a couple of rubber stamps, consider getting yourself a drawer cabinet depending on it’s capacity. You can arrange your rubber stamps according to how you like. Perhaps between unmounted and mounted or even by themes. For easy accessibility, you can even label each compartment!

    1. Jewellery Box/Make up box

    Make up boxes and jewellery boxes can store more than just make up or jewellery, even after certain components have stopped being functional. You can keep smaller rubber stamps in their little compartments, especially those that push out automatically when you open them. Even if they are stuck and you can’t close them, they would still look lovely and you can put your rubber stamps up on display.
    Using the correct storage methods for rubber stamps can actually prolong their average shelf life and preserve the quality of the stamps. It will also enable you to locate them easily so experiment with what works the best for you since every individual has their ways of storing rubber stamps. But please keep in mind to keep your rubber stamps away from direct sunlight or dust exposure for prolonged periods of time.


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