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5 Best Types of Paper For Namecards

    24 May

    5 Best Types of Paper For Namecards

    Name cards are used as part of an introduction by an individual. When people meet with their peers and others with whom they have shared interests, they exchange their name cards for networking.

    Therefore, the name card should be designed in a professional. In terms of namecard design, even the smallest details like the type of paper used plays a large part in the ultimate layout. So one has to be conscious of it when printing. The best types of paper for name cards include:

    1. Card Stock

    Name card printing is done on specific kinds of paper to make sure that the card is professional and formal. One of the best types of paper for name card printing is card stock. This kind of paper is sturdier compared to the others. The card stock paper is heavier and can withstand excessive handling. Due to their heavier weight, the cards are rigid thus they are long lasting. These characteristics make this kind of paper perfect for the name cards.

    Name Card Design

    2. Matte Stocks

    The next kind of paper that is ideal for name card printing is the matte stocks. This kind of paper has a smooth non-shiny finish and is available in many colors. However, the primary colors are tans, creams, whites, and beiges as neutral background colours are neutral enough for printed information to be easily visible. When selecting the colors of matte, one must be aware that the lettering is not as crisp as that written in neutral tones. The matte stocks enable the holder to write on their name cards in case any of the information is updated or changed. Also, these types of paper print clearly gives a neat finish to the name card.

    3. Glossy Stocks

    It is another kind of paper that is used in name card printing. Its coating is best for double-sided printing that creates a glittery finish and is ideal for dazzling colors. The papers are available in many different colors giving the name card owner limitless options to select from the variety of colors.

    The glossy stocks can incorporate a photo in the background. Also, many photo designs may be incorporated into their background making the name cards appealing and professional. The aqueous coating on these card papers makes them durable. Durability arises from the fact that the coating protects the cards against water and tearing.

    4. Photo Card Stocks

    Whenever a photo quality finish is needed, the photo cards stocks are used for name card printing. This kind of paper is ideal for actors, real estate agents and models. This paper gives a sophisticated impression and can be used for double-sided and single-sided cards. Though they are relatively expensive, they make appealing and professional name cards.

    5. Textured card stocks

    The other type of paper that produces excellent results when used in name card printing is the textured paper. The textured cardstocks are available in both glossy stocks and matte. The textured papers make outstanding name cards because they have excellent patterns pressed into their surfaces. The patterns may include houndstooth, basket-weave, and dots. The papers are available in many colors, and they produce perceptible dimensions. These papers are excellent for single-sided printing.

    A name card is the best way for an individual to introduce themselves sufficiently. Thus, name card printing should be done on top quality papers to obtain a professional look.


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