5 Art Styles To Inspire Name Card Ideas

13 May

5 Art Styles To Inspire Name Card Ideas

Name Card Printing Procedure

The world of name card design is one that is ever evolving, relying on different visual effects to appeal to clients and investors alike. A curious mix of both traditional and modern marketing, your name cards will serve as an efficient way of creating conversation and business opportunities for you. Here are 5 art styles you can focus on for your name cards and use as a base to create more innovative name card ideas:

  1. Bleeds

When it comes to printing, especially with name cards, bleeds will be a necessary component since you need space in order to safely cut the name cards without damaging the design. If that is so, then wouldn’t it be convenient if you make use of it to create something unconventional? Make use of the concept of space by allowing your design to expand, beyond your bleed area. The less limitations you have, the more space you can use to experiment with your creativity.

  1. Interactive

Implementing features that are interactive would increase engagement since the receiver can associate that interactive element with your name card and corporation. You will be able to retain their memory using this method, since a unique name card casts strong impressions upon the receiver of the card. The fun factor about this art style is that it can be used in so many ways- for example, using pins as hair for hair cutting companies, mechanical gears for corporations that deal with mechanical parts and more!

  1. Materials

Make use of different materials as part of your name card design. This is a surefire way of getting your client’s attention. One interesting element would be to make use of interactiveness and material too- for example, using see through plastic elements on important factors that can only be seen if you held it up towards the light. The more interest your name card design can garner, the more it will stay within your client’s wallets, as well as memories.

  1. Shapes

One is often encouraged to think beyond the confines of a box- this applies to your name card ideas as well. Why limit your creativity in a rectangular piece of material when you could be bringing about something new to the table with your name cards cut into elaborate designs or simplistic ones? There’s only one rule to follow here- and that is to make sure your name cards fit into the space of a wallet. If you keep that in mind while working with your name card design, everything else is possible.

  1. Concepts

The use of concepts for name card design is severely underrated. Not only will it help your clients associate things to your company, it’s also a straightforward yet creative method to tell your clients what your corporation is about without even having to resort to words. So why not try to use them to work with your name card design?


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