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5 Alternative Methods To Safely Store And Maintain Rubber Stamp Qualities

25 Jul

5 Alternative Methods To Safely Store And Maintain Rubber Stamp Qualities

Rubber stamps are widely used by all both for professional and also for recreational purposes. They are highly favoured by everyone for their affordability as well as long lasting qualities. If you are looking to save expenses and prolong the shelf life of your rubber stamps, there are actually alternative methods you can undertake to protect and maintain it’s rubber stamp quality. Here are 5 alternative methods you can try:

  1. CD Cases

If you are using unmounted rubber stamps, CD cases or envelopes are a good alternative when it comes to storing them. CD cases and envelopes work well to reduce and keep out the amount of dust that could be getting in the rubber impressions of your rubber stamps. They are also built to store more than just one so you can collect and arrange them to your own arrangement system. This also makes the unmounted rubber stamps convenient for transport whenever necessary.

  1. Photo Albums

Photo albums are designed to keep photographs for a very long time with minimum wear and tear. If you have scrapbooking albums or photo albums, you can very well use them to store your unmounted rubber stamps as well. The only criteria necessary is to make sure that your rubber stamps are lying flat, to prevent accidental bending. Photo albums come easily with pre-made slots so you can choose to arrange them based on type, shapes, letters and even more. This makes retrieving your rubber stamps all the more quicker and fuss free.

  1. Boxes

Mounted rubber stamps require a little bit more diverse handling- do not rest them on uneven surfaces, since this may result in permanent dents on the rubber stamp material, stacking too much tends to put pressure on the rubber stamps on the bottom pile and result in uneven edges. You need a boxes that are even and strong enough to support a certain number of mounted rubber stamps. Make use of markers to label and organise the boxes so you know which to search in when you need specific types of mounted rubber stamps.

  1. Makeup stands

Old and unused makeup stands can actually double as good rubber stamp holders due to their durable quality and sturdiness. If you are looking for somewhere to display your rubber stamps clearly while guaranteeing you the ability to retrieve them with ease, recycle your make up stands into rubber stamp holders today!

  1. Castor Racks

Castor racks are a good investment to make if you are in a professional setting. Coming with different tiers, castor racks are optimised for stamp storage and access. You can simply turn it to the relevant rubber stamp you need and detach it for use before reattaching it to the rack again when you are done!

These are just 5 of the alternative storage and maintenance options for your rubber stamps. Try any of these out and gauge the effectiveness of these relevant methods out for yourself! The longer you can maintain your rubber stamp quality, the more you will save on additional expenses. You can also learn to condition your rubber stamps as an added step!



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