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5 Absolute Must Knows About Name Card Printing

17 Jun

5 Absolute Must Knows About Name Card Printing

A name card is one of the most effective marketing tools you can ever own in your arsenal. It is therefore top priority when it comes to ensuring that it is both designed and printed well. But regardless of whether you are choosing to do it yourself or contract a professional name card printing and designing service provider, there are some things you have to do to facilitate an excellent print job:

Name Card Printing Procedure

  1. Image Resolution

The most print friendly resolution is 300 dpi so do your best to produce a file that has the exact resolution. Also do note that it is more advisable to save your files in either PDF or PNG format instead of JPEG as the resolution is better retained that way. Try to design your image to scale or maybe even larger as resizing it smaller is better compared to having to scale it up, which may cause pixelation problems.

  1. Software

Nowadays, you can design logos literally using just about anything- even Microsoft Word! But it is more advisable to use a professional design software when it comes to name card design. Especially for your business logo. You want the design to be as clean and as sharp as possible. A good recommendation would be softwares like photoshop or paint tool SAI, though photoshop is more common in corporate sectors. For logos, you can give illustrator a try.

  1. Colour

Most name card printing service providers print the name cards using CMYK output in their printers instead of RGB, so make sure to use CMYK if you are using their services. Bear in mind that the colours you use while printing can be distorted if you have to change between CMYK and RGB.

If there are colour combinations that cannot be received or a strict pigment you absolutely have to achieve, please make sure to highlight that to your service provider before attempting printing.

  1. Material

The material of your card has an effect on your name card too. Certain textures like matte can make the colour of your card a little duller so it is important to pick the right material for your card before you begin printing in batches. If you have a name card printing service provider, ask them for recommendations and communicate your requirements so that you will be able to pick the best fitting choice. If you are doing in house printing, you may want to get sampled printing on different material so that you can see the physical effect yourself.

  1. Size

Bear in mind that when you begin name card printing, the actual size of your card is going to be a little smaller than the print out. This is because you will need some bleed space to be able to cut out the cards- and you can’t risk cutting into the details of your card or making the details look too cramped. So always be sure to figure out how much bleed space you need for your cards.

The process of name card printing can be tedious when you are in your experimental phase but once you are able to tweak things sufficiently while adhering to these basic requirements, the results are always every amount of effort you poured into the endeavour.



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