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10 ways to get the most out of customer testimonials

    24 May

    10 ways to get the most out of customer testimonials

    Since the turn of the 21st century, there has been a lot of change in the business environment with customers’ opinions and testimonials becoming more important. Today business trends, innovations, and practices are based on customer preferences. So how can a business take advantage of this shift?

    The answer is simple; businesses should carefully analyse customer testimonials and use them to improve on their services. Customer testimonials are a great way to pass out the message out there that your business is doing well for its customers. These testimonials build public confidence in your business, and they can be the basis of profound success in your business.

    Here are ten ways to get the most out of customer testimonials:

    Evaluate which kinds of testimonials are good for your business.

    You can use a video of a client talking about your services or photographs of happy customers after services.

    Do not forget the basics.

    Keep the quotes short and easy to read, always include the companies’ name. You can include contact information such as an email if the person is happy to be contacted.

    Request feedback from your customers.

    This can be accomplished in two ways; one you can personally get in touch with customers and request for feedback explaining why it is important for future improvement. Alternatively, use standard mail and send it to customers after they have purchased and generate feedback from the replies.

    Always consider your target audience.

    If you are dealing with a specialised product, it is more advantageous to use a specialist’s review so as to create a bigger impact. If your business products and services focus on a particular gender using, the other gendered views will have a lesser impact.

    Always be creative with your content.

    Namecards are one way to be creative, include a happy customer testimonial on them; alternatively,you can include the testimonial on your blog to reach out to more customers.

    Arrange the testimonials in different categories.

    This offers a more personalized approach to addressing client concerns. On name cards, your supply customer support staff can wear namecards with a testimonial of a well-served customer. On your order page, you can include testimonials about the swiftness of your delivery.

    Keep updating testimonials.

    Using decade old testimonials will not work. People always want to know about the current state of your business service delivery. Updated testimonials have a greater impact than old ones.

    Testimonials can be from fellow businesses or companies.

    Do not rely on individual customer testimonials. Use testimonials from respected companies that have engaged with you for a greater impact.

    Do not use a customer’s name without first gaining consent from them.
    In case the customer finds it offensive he/she might retaliate publicly which will be bad for your business.

    Create an online community.

    Do not rely on your business website alone, link customer’s testimonials to their website, also link their social media pages to their testimonials. This will spell out to potential customers who you do business.

    Testimonials present you the opportunity to put your products or services in the public domain. The ultimate aim is that they can assist you convert more of your prospects into customers if they are utilized well correctly.


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