10 Common Name Card Template Design Mistakes

24 May

10 Common Name Card Template Design Mistakes


There are many kinds of name card designs. But, one should make sure that their cards fully represent their brand for effective marketing. Some companies and business owners alike fail in their marketing campaigns because of poor name card designs. The cards give the potential customers and partner a first impression about the business within the first few seconds.

Therefore, the designs used should be attractive and appealing to the customers to make sure that they are interested in the contents written on the cards. Here below are some of the top ten name card template designs mistakes that should be avoided.


  1. Slick-textured cards

Business owners should avoid slick-textured cards. Though unique outstanding cards are highly advantageous, business owners and companies should design cards that are less slippery. This feature is important for those who may need to write additional information on their cards after printing.


  1. Miniscule print

Miniscule print is a great mistake that every company and business owner should avoid. In this design, a huge graphic takes up half of the card leaving a small space for the text. This design results in text that is too small to be read clearly. It is advisable for business owners to make their names, contact details, products and services they offer easily readable.


  1. Lack of physical address

Some companies and business owners who operate from rentals or homes do not include physical addresses on their cards. Physical address is a proof of residence and it boosts the professional aspect of the business. Also, it increases the legitimacy level of the business and potential customers are able to trust the brand since they can easily locate where to find their premises.


  1. Cards with blank backs

It is advisable to make sure that the backs of the business cards are printed. One may print a coupon or upcoming event details. This additional information attracts more potential customers to buy products and services from the business.


  1. Lack of photos

It is easier for the customers and business partners to remember a brand when a photo is included on the name card. Thus, for effective marketing purposes, one should make sure that when designing their name card, a clear photo is included. With the good memory associated with the photo, the customers are able to trust the products and services offered by the company easily.


  1. Incongruence

Being ambiguous and incongruent is another mistake to be avoided. Business owners should always use the products and services they advertise on their name cards. Their using the products will encourage customers to buy the products and services from them. Using their own products will boost their potential and targeted customers’ confidence.


  1. Omission of products and services

Companies and business owners should make sure that their products and services are included in the card contents. This inclusion will increase the effectiveness of the cards as a marketing strategy.


  1. Inappropriate sizes

Though unique sizes are good, companies must make sure that when designing business cards, the sizes are standardized to make them easy to be stored by their targeted audience. The ease in storage guarantees that the customers will refer to them at a later date.


  1. Non-professional cards

Business owners are advised to engage professional services in the design of their cards to increase confidence of their potential customers.


  1. Non-unique cards

The cards should be unique to make sure that the potential clients are interested to read all the content. In so doing, the business is effectively marketed.


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