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10 Common Mistakes In Logo Design

24 May

10 Common Mistakes In Logo Design


For anyone who has created their own logo or hired a company for logo designing, there are a few key mistakes business owners want to avoid to ensure their logo is successful, stands out and looks professional.

Designed Online at a Free Site
Sometimes that gimmicky logo package is the one offer that a business owner wants to stay away from. Free images can be reused by thousands. Another key point is the images may not be up to date, it may not have a high resolution and the “Do-it-Yourself” approach can sometimes look amateurish.

Letting a Friend Design a Logo
A logo that a friend designs can look unprofessional and it can also show where they may have amateurishly used Photoshop. Be mindful of what you’re looking for and show your friend samples so that they can look at the samples for inspiration. Also be careful when negotiating as this could place your friendship in a rather strained position.

Not Targeting Your Business
If a logo isn’t relevant, it can also be confusing. Branding takes time. Consider the Taco Bell image of the fast food restaurant, the McDonald’s golden arches or Facebook’s logo with faceless people.

The Wrong Images and Fonts
Another mistake that’s commonly made is using images of people in action that can’t clearly be seen on a logo or icon. Adding text or a full business name that, depending on the size of the logo and how it’s used, might not be easily seen.

Using Gimmicks, Raster Images, or Stock Art
While there are thousands of stock images that one can use, these images can appear dated and old. Another problem a business owner can run into is design trends that distort the size of the logo when it’s enlarged. A better alternative is to use vector graphics software that can help ensure logos can scale without losing resolution and be used with different media sources.

Designs That Don’t Promote a Business
For some business owners, they may fall in love with colors or images and not focus on the professionalism clients need to see. Ensure logos are professional and images are clean.

Using Information that’s not permanent
Logos are permanent and shouldn’t be changed. Avoid numbers that have to be changed or updated or an address in the event the company moves in a few years.

Using Offensive Images
Before using images like various scripts, animals and people, be sure to confirm the images won’t offend surrounding neighborhoods or communities. An area where this should be carefully addressed is regions where there may be strict religious laws. Business Insider suggests confirming logos to avoid embarrassment, loss of business, and lawsuits.

Image Color that Doesn’t Translate in B&W
Colorful logos are great for a business, but when printed on black and white, the logos don’t translate well and can just look flat. Ensure the logos are tested ahead of time.

Using Too Many Fonts
Because images should be clean, avoid using multiple fonts – that tends to look sloppy. At the most, two fonts should be used and the projected image will still come across as professional.



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